The world ended on ______ the ark fleets are the human race’s last survivors from the doomed solar system.
Well to be truthful no one knows if the world ended on that date, what is know is that we detected a massive anomaly in space heading towards the earth, the great devourer it was to become known as, scientists believed that it was a black hole, but others believed it was far more!

the governments of the earth developed a plan to save the human race, a combined approach of building shelter’s and the great ark fleets.

A number of years before a space artefact was discovered floating in orbit near Jupiter, the technology allowed earth to leap frog forward and build the ark fleets, massive ships to transport the survivors to somewhere else, what we had no knowledge of was were the fleet would appear in normal space, by studying the gates it was possible to determine that at least 8 exit points were possible, but not were they were!
The Faster than light drives of the fleet were unable to be used safely due to the approach of the great devourer, and so the gateway was chosen as the only option for the fleet.

The world governments set about building a number of ark fleets, the European Union decided to build a combined fleet, in theory the United Kingdom was part this fleet, but they were also involved in the USA fleet and the commonwealth fleet.
The fleets in order of launch

1. The USA Fleet A
2. The Chinese Fleet A
3. The European Union Fleet
4. The Commonwealth Fleet
5. The Russian Fleet
6. The USA Fleet B
7. The Chinese Fleet B
8. The Africa Nations fleet.

You are survivors on the 2nd USA Fleet, you are the crew of the scout ship XXXX it is your mission to find a world that will support the hundreds of thousands stored in suspension in the great colonist ships.
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The end of the World